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We want to support independent British businesses, and so we have dedicated an entire section to you!

We have different sections your business can fit into Independent, Baby Zone, Vegan friendly and Eco.

We don’t charge a fee. It gets you entirely new exposure, builds your SEO, increases your lead generation, client retention and if you refer another SME or business to our site you will get free advertising on the home page of the website!

Our members have access to 100's of suppliers with a range of discounts, many based around health and wellness.
We chose not to add a retail section to our offerings that had big brands, instead opting for independent suppliers like you.

We do not charge to be on our portal, and we actively promote you in our newsletter at least once a quarter
We ask that our independent suppliers offer a small discount to our members that is unique to UR-Benefits, however this is not mandatory 5%-20% is a good starting point, this will also drive more sales and will attract our members to your shops.

If you'd like to be a part of this fantastic community, contact us today.

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